Three Bernese Mountain Dogs, living in the heart of Ireland. Funny, friendly and family companions.

Bernese Buddies

We are a family based in Cork , Ireland who have the companionship of 3 beautiful Bernese Mountain Dogs. Where we are based is not too far from Kinsale which is a favourite to visit when in Ireland and / or Cork. Feel free to give us a call if ever in the Cork area ! Our dogs are also registered in Ireland through the Irish Kennel Club (IKC). We like to show when time allows and also our dogs have a doggy lifestyle and live in the house. We are not too far from the many beaches around the coast of Cork and the Bernese like nothing better than running in the sand or even going for the odd swim. There is a saying “A Bernese Mountain Dog owns you , not you own the Bernese” and this can be very true to life. Bernese Mountain Dogs even though originally from Switzerland fit in very well in Ireland even considering the weather !  They have become an intricate part of our family. They are great characters with fantastic personalities which you will hopefully appreciate when you see the photos on our site. Thank you for taking the time to visit !

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Breed Information

Anyone who owns a Bernese Mountain Dog will tell you that there is nothing better than owning, loving and caring for a Bernese Mountain Dog. However, you need to see the whole picture— to help you separate the wood from the trees so to speak so as that you can make an informed decision whether the Bernese Mountain Dog is the right breed for you and your family. Bernese Mountain Dogs in Ireland in the recent past have become very popular as family companions and pets and can be seen quite frequently out and about on walks with their families around Ireland. However, please do your homework on the Bernese Mountain Dog before you decide it is for you. We hope that the information we provide will be of assistance and if we can answer any questions , please let us know.

Please assess your own strengths and weaknesses and determine how well your personality and abilities are suited to that of the Bernese Mountain Dog. A successful enduring match will be made when the specific breed characteristics are compatible with your human lifestyle. There is a vast network of Bernese Mountain Dog enthusiasts who will do all they can to help educate you and help you develop the special relationship offered only by a Bernese Mountain Dog.

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